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Focus on your content.

We are the first and the biggest podcast platform in Brazil, built by who love and understand this media. Here you focus on your content, and we in the distribution.

RSS Feed

Compatible with any podcast application.

With Megafono's RSS Feed, even without technical knowledge and with few clicks, your podcast will be in podcast apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, PocketCast and many others.


Advanced statistics

Reliable information about your listeners.

Our statistics are computed with the rigor required by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) "Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0", the most used guidelines in the world to measure podcast, they help us to deliver you reliable data on the performance of your podcast.

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Podcast importer

Migrate your podcast to Megafono.

With the podcast importer, you tell us your old RSS feed and we do all the configuration of it in Megafono for you, we download the audios, images and texts, your listeners won't even notice the hosting migration.

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Why to use Megafono?


You do not need to understand server, plugins, server, hosting, wordpress, etc. to create your podcast, in Megafono we solve all the technical details and you focus on your content.


Within minutes your podcast is on the air and ready to be released.


Creating a podcast on Megafono is simple, you tell us a little about your project and we put it on air. As simple as using your favorite social network.


Contact us

We are not fully available outside Brazil, send an e-mail to create your account.

    RSS Feed Redirection

    Leave whenever you want without losing listeners.

    Leaving Megafono is as easy as entering, without headaches, with RSS Feed redirection functionality, you migrate your podcast to another host without losing listeners.