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#009 - Graham Allcott: Learn how to Fuel Your Brain, Your Engine of Prosperity and Performance.

People wouldn’t knowingly put bad fuel in their cars. But what about themselves? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. People are too busy to eat right. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. What if your meals boosted your clarity, your personal productivity and performance? Then, you could literally eat your way to a more successful life. You would not only feel more energetic and healthful, you would get more done in less time. Tune into this interview, with best-selling author Graham Allcott, the Productivity Ninja, and find out how a few easy upgrades can transform your life.

#008 - Terri Mayes: Injecting Humanity into Customer Support - And Why It Matters So Much.

Many people talk about building a workplace where people gladly give their best, but few have actually done it. Please tune into this interview if you would like to learn how to build a deeply human workplace from someone who greatly improved results through their people. Interestingly, Terri has the elusive “get it” factor when it comes to the human side of business and life. By focusing on the power of relationships, and hiring “people technicians”, not just technicians, she made a difference in the work lives of her people. They, in turn, made a significant, measurable difference for the company. This is not an academic discussion. Listen in to hear real stories about how humanizing work actually works, how powerful it is, and how you can also move the needle on an organizational culture where you work.

#007 - Tom Kearney: Leadership lessons, challenges and drama from under the arctic ice cap, and much more.

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Tom Kearney accomplished the fastest under sea crossing of the arctic, a record to this day. He had an amazing career on land and at sea, and rose from enlisted man to Rear Admiral, a feat of its own. Just imagine if you had to lead in very demanding realms where errors cost lives? Perhaps your own. How would those challenges shape your leadership style? What lessons would you learn that others can benefit from? Tune into this interview for some real leadership lessons along with life threatening drama. Learn how to lead in challenging situations and how deep technical skills are key to both agility and success. This matters more than ever as everyone is a leader in todays interconnected and mutually dependent world

#006 - John Gillen: What the History of Work tells us about Your Future as we move from industrial Back Breaking Times to digital Mind Breaking Times.

What the History of Work tells us about Your Future as we move from industrial Back Breaking Times to digital Mind Breaking Times. Sometimes you have to journey to the past to find the future. It is never the same, but as the cliché says, it rhymes. John Gillen is an expert in both HR and the human element at work. His passion about people led him to become a work historian, and a very interesting one at that. In this interview, you will learn about our industrial past and how it opens a window into your future. You can never understand enough about the influences that are shaping your future now. Tune in to find out why you, and everyone you care about, needs to become their own work futurist. For most jobs, the roles and responsibilities will change radically, even if the job title remains the same. John Gillen, The Future of Human Resources, LLC

#005 - Bill Jensen: Making Your Future Simpler and More Rewarding.

Have you ever felt everything is just too complex? You are not alone. Bill Jensen has devoted his life to helping people and companies create a simpler and more rewarding world. He is a work futurist, sought after speaker, and serial author of nine great books. His recommendations are the product of over 1 million interviews, conducted globally, and these have allowed him to crystalize practices that companies and individuals should embrace now. Please listen in to gain some insights and valuable tips that will help unclutter your life.

#004 - Ray Stasieczko: Disrupt Yourself or Something Else Will.

Interview with Ray Stasieczko, Founder of Teasra, The Innovation Channel Disrupt Yourself or Something Else Will Please tune in and learn why companies and individuals need to disrupt themselves. In this rapidly moving digital era, the message to everyone is: Start delivering the future to the present now. That quote is from Ray Stasieczko, a futurist and very interesting guy with a lot to share. Ray correctly predicted how Xerox, a large imaging company, would not be able to survive alone and would be acquired by HP (or vice versa depending on how things go). Since 2013, Ray has been blogging about how the entire imaging industry needs to disrupt itself and stop trying to deliver the past to the future. Now people are really listening. Tune in and find out why. Also, there is an important message here for everyone. Companies, leaders and individuals need to reinvent themselves or they will wake up to find what they have to offer is no longer needed. The future is coming quicker than ever.

#002 - Rita Gurevich: Leading Millennials to Greatness.

If you are interested in leading a Millennial culture to great success, this interview with Rita Gurevich is for you. Rita is the founder of Sphere Technology Solutions and was voted one of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs in New Jersey business. More interestingly, she is also a Millennial. She knows a lot about how to lead them, hire them, and create a company where everyone does well together. If you are interested in learning about how to successfully manage and lead a Millennial team, listen in to learn tips, techniques and tactics you can apply to become a better you.

#001 - Graham Allcott: Tips from the Productivity Ninja on how to worry less and achieve more.

Tune into this interview, with best-selling author Graham Allcott, the Productivity Ninja, and find out how a few easy upgrades can transform your life.

#003: Jack Killion: Jack Killion, Network your way to success.

Please tune in and start learning how to master networking, one of the most powerful life skills you can build. Like most things that are fundamental to life success, these skills are not taught in schools. You have to build them on your own. In this interview with Jack Killion, you will hear many techniques that he uses successfully almost every day. Jack is a serial entrepreneur who built eight successful businesses and mastered the art of networking along the way. He knows a lot about it, and wrote Network All the Time, Everywhere with Everybody which is available on Amazon. In this era of social networking, it is more vital than ever to connect with others in person. Put what you learn here to immediate work and start becoming a better you.